Clarence House

For two years running, wet have been invited to create a show garden at Clarence House for the START Garden Festival.

The displays brought sustainable gardening ideas to life and inspired visitors to get growing edible and useful plants. We returned to the START Sustainable Festival at Clarence House in July 2011 with a ‘walk-through’ forest complete with shelter, the Forest Garden brought home the critical message that sustainability in the way we work with plants and bio-diversity is key to our thriving as a species. It also demonstrated how the principles of forest gardening can be translated for the urban garden.

The forest is the most sustainable environment found anywhere on the planet. Containing natural layers from canopy down to root zone, the forest is a self-supporting organism. The forest garden has great potential for urban community space and the production of food, fuel, fibre and fodder in traditional ways other than commercial forestry and farming.

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